Promote your organisation with TESTIMONIALS

  • Videos: 3
  • Video time:  50 minutes
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What do people say about your organisation and service? 
This program will give you confidence in getting and using testimonials to promote your organisation and build your brand. 

I will explain the variety of testimonials you need (video and written), and will show you 11 testimonials from which you can learn.

 I also discuss where to find them and how to use them to ensure that they add maximum benefit to your fundraising efforts.


  • 3 Videos
  • Presentation to download
  • 11 Testimonials to learn from
  • Practical ideas to implement

Will this program help us to promote our organisation?

YES! This training program is about using testimonials as a tool to promote your organisation.  
I also play a lot of testimonials during the program. I do not only TALK about this subject, but also SHOW you in a practical way what to do, and what NOT to do.

How do I know where to find testimonials?

The secret lies in getting testimonials from a wide variety of people.

You can get it from board members, volunteers, clients, your auditor, staff members and many more.  I discuss this (and much more) in detail during the program.

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