NPO Fundraising Forum 2023 - Individual annual

  • Total sessions: 25
  • Course duration: 12 months
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MEMBERSHIP: 1 pERSON - pay once-off
The NPO Fundraising Forum is a training platform for people working in the non-profit sector.

Wishing you had more money is not going to bring in 1 cent!  The only way to improve your fundraising is for YOU to grow in skills and knowledge.
The NPO Fundraising Forum will empower you with all the tools you need to be a successful fundraiser.


  • 25 training sessions
  • Presentations to download
  • Additional videos to watch
  • 12 months of training!

Guaranteed success

The NPO Fundraising Forum is in-depth training on a wide range of Non-Profit related matters. If you implement what you learn, I guarantee personal and organisational growth!

Focus of the training

The primary focus will be to empower you with Marketing & Fundraising skills. The training covers four pillars of any successful NGO:
People – Technology – Marketing – Fundraising.

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Emotional Self-Care during COVID
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Raising money for an ANIMAL charity
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