Building blocks for Successful Fundraising

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  • Video time: 40 minutes
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Course overview
This video will give you an overview of the essential elements needed for a successful fundraising strategy.

My main aim with this online session is to change how you think about fundraising. Changing your thoughts will lead to a new way of doing things – and that will mean different results.
  • Video time: 40 minutes


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Look differently at Fundraising! 

f you are not happy with the fundraising results of your organisation, you need to change your strategy.
Changing strategy starts by changing your thoughts – the way you think about fundraising.

See how it all fits together

 It is not the one or two big things you do every now and then that will make your organisation financially sustainable.
It is the lots and lots and LOTS of small things you do over many years that will enable you to raise funds for your cause.

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