How to Raise Funds via a CHARITY shop

  • Total training videos: 6
  • Training time: 1,5 hours
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If other NGOs can do it, then so can you!
Do your fundraising efforts have a long-term impact, or do you live from hand to mouth never knowing where next month's income is going to come from?
Just imagine where your organisation will be in a few years if you have the confidence to open up a Charity shop now!!

 Let me guide you to opening a new shop or maximizing your current one.


  • 2 Training videos
  • 4 Interview videos
  • Presentation to download
  • Practical applications!

What do you need?

This program will  answer all your questions! 
I will give you a practical list of everything you need to know. All you need to do, is to take action!!

Interview videos

There are 4 interview videos in which you will also learn from other NGOs that already have a charity shop.  You will receive practical advice from people in the NGO field!

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