POPIA - Is your organisation compliant?

  • Videos: 2
  • Video time: 45 minutes
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Course overview
The POPI Act is now a reality in SA and as all businesses out there, we as NGOs also need to comply. This course will convince you that it is nothing to be scared about!! 

Do not hire an expensive service provider to help you. Just put a few reasonable  measures in place and you will be good to go. 
  • Total video time: 45 minutes


  • 2 Videos
  • Practical tips
  • Knowledge
  • New ideas

Does POPIA prevent us from promoting our organisation  ?

Not at all!! But you will have to adjust your monthly newsletters to a system that includes an "unsubscribe" button.

You might have to upskill a little bit but hey, is that such a bad thing?

Is it difficult to become compliant?

 Not at all! Relook at your systems and put a few reasonable measures in place and you will be good to go.

Can you be POPI compliant without spending a lot of money? Yes, you can!

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