DATABASES - the Foundation of Fundraising

  • Total training videos: 23
  • Training time: 5 hours
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An updated database is the most crucial element in any business.
No non-profit organisation or business can survive without a proper database - it is the lifeblood of your organisation!

This training course will guide you step-by-step on starting, growing and using your database to become a powerful business tool.

The program will also give you the confidence and skills on what to communicate to your audience to build long-term relationships!


  • 10 Screenshot videos
  • 13 Training videos
  • 4 Presentations to download
  • Certificate on completion!

Upskill yourself: Step-by-Step 

With the new POPI Act, you have no choice but to use a CRM platform for distributing emails.  This training program will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Setting up a phone database

You will learn how to communicate to your database after setting it up on a mobile phone. Practical training, explained in a way that you can apply it TODAY!

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NPO Fundraising Forum
25 online training sessions of at least 60 minutes each
The NPO Fundraising Forum is an affordable, in-depth training on a wide range of Non-Profit related matters – focussing on Fundraising and Marketing. Training will take place over the course of 12 months.
Why not open a Charity Shop?
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Just imagine where your organisation will be in a few years if you have the confidence to open up a Charity shop now!! This program will answer all your questions and give practical advice from people in the NGO field!
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