How to Apply for LOTTO Funding

  • Total training videos: 4
  • Training time: 120 Minutes
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R1,2 Billion was distributed by lotto to Good causes in 2023
The Lotto's "Call for applications" is expected to open any day now. Are your supporting documents ready, and do you know how to apply?

Applying for funds at the Lotto can be a daunting thought. This program will explain the process in an easy to understand way.

I am joined in the program by Rina Ferreira who has been submitting Lotto applications for  her organisation for nearly 20 years. Expert tips and advice!


  • 4 Training videos
  • 1 Presentation to download
  • Certificate on completion
  • Expert tips and advice!

6-Step Application process 

This program does not guarantee a successful application, but I can guarantee that if you do not apply, you will not receive any funds!
Knowledge will empower you to take action! 

Supporting documents

Find out which supporting documents you will probably need to submit with your application. Start getting them ready, regardless of what time of the year you are watching this program.

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