Setting Boundaries

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How good are you at setting boundaries?

Do you know when to say YES, and how to say NO?
Are you characterized by feeling guilty all the time?

What do you allow other people . . . but more importantly, what do you allow YOURSELF?
What are your emotional, time, topic and physical boundaries?

This is a webinar replay video for people who want to take control and reclaim peace in their lives.


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Do you feel guilty when setting boundaries for others?

Guilt is not always bad.  You get productive and unproductive guilt.
Stop blaming yourself for things you did or did not do​​​​​​ - it's water under the

Feeling guilty is a choice . . . YOUR choice!

What do you allow yourself to do, which you should not?

Setting boundaries for ourselves is more important than setting boundaries for others. 

Empathy without boundaries is self-destruction. The fact that you CAN help, does not mean you SHOULD help. 

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