Real Estate Inspiration: Why am I not making money?

  • Videos: 3
  • Video time: 180 minutes
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Attention all Property Practitioners

Real Estate Inspiration is back!

This program will give you access to 3 webinar videos where well-known property expert, Susan Kruger from Compliance Realtor, focused on 3 crucial areas guaranteed to get you the deal.

Annelise de Jager, an inspirational teacher in personal growth, focused on the role that emotions play in our daily lives. 


  • Session 1

  • Susan: Attitude
    By giving exceptional service you can master the art of being successful in ANY kind of market while increasing your earnings.

    : Emotions
    What creates our emotions and how do we take control over it?

Session 2

Susan: Skills 
The journey towards real estate success begins with acquiring the necessary skills which will pave the way to fulfilling your dreams.

: Success
What role does emotions play in our daily lives and overall success in life?

Session 3

Susan: Knowledge
Unlock the secret to mastering real estate and discover the crucial element that sets successful practitioners apart from the rest.

: Procrastination
Why do we postpone doing things that will contribute to living a fulfilled life?

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