Training for Social Workers in Private Practice

  • Videos: 2
  • Video time: 200 minutes
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I was delighted to again be the guest speaker of the South African Social Workers in Private Practice (SAASWIPP). 

In this program, you will find the Zoom recordings of the training programs that I did for SAASWIPP in October 2020 and May 2023.

As a social worker in private practice you are also a business – not only a social worker.
Both these videos touch on how to run your practice as a business.


  • October 2020 Video and presentation to download
  • May 2023 Video and presentation to download
  • New insight and inspiration

Business or  Charity?

How much is your service worth and are you comfortable with charging money for the value that you add?
If you do not run your business in the most effective way, you are robbing the world of your expertise and worthwhile service.

Think business

Do you give attention to marketing, branding, bookkeeping and your finances?

What does your business plan, databases and website look like? Do you think charity or business when seeing a client?

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