5 Easy ways to streamline your Facebook Marketing

  • Videos: 8
  • Video time: 40 minutes
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Get to know Facebook better!!

This training program was created with the development of NGOs in mind, but any individual and business will benefit from it.

The videos are short and informative and will teach you some new skills on how to use technology to promote your organisation more effectively. 
  • Total video time: 40 minutes


  • 1 Personal Development video
  • 7 Tips & Tricks videos
  • Total video time - 40 minutes

Upskill your use of Technology  

I often do a "Fundraising & Marketing audit" to see where people fall short in their organisations. The number one subject that always comes up is the non-effective use of technology. 

Get to know Facebook better

 Facebook is such a powerful tool in promoting your organisation that you cannot afford to not be active on this social media platform.  You cannot learn everything in a day but you can learn something every day!
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Be kind to yourself and watch this video.
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