AARTO - Are you safe?

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Course overview
The implementation of AARTO, including the driving license points demerit system, have been stopped as it was declared unconstitutional and invalid  in January 2022. 

AARTO was a points system by which you would have received demerits for every traffic violation by a vehicle linked to your name - whether you drove the vehicle or not!
  • Total video time: 26 minutes


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What has AARTO got to do with me or my organisation?

Any person in SA with a driver's license will be affected by this new system. There is no escape! If you have vehicles in your organisation, this is even more applicable to you.
Do not run a personal risk because of the vehicles in your organisation!

Is it difficult to become AARTO safe?

Not at all, because applied knowledge is power. You will however have to do a few things and adjust some of your administration systems and contracts. 

AARTO will affect you personally so this is not something to ignore . . .take action!

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